Moalie Bib White Lace
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Moalie Bib White Lace

Moalie Bib White Lace

€9,95 Incl. tax
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Protect your little one's clothes with this cute bib. Made of 100% cotton so easy to wash! Read more.

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Product description

Why do you need a bib for your baby?

Drooling in babies

Babies often drool because they don't yet have full control over their swallowing reflexes and mouth muscles. Additionally, teething or exploring new textures can cause drooling. This is completely normal, but it can make your baby's clothes wet.

Prevent wet clothes

Many parents choose to use a bib during the first months to keep their baby's clothes clean and dry. A bib results in less laundry than changing clothes frequently.

Protective and adorable bib

With our Bib White Lace, you can protect your little one's clothes from drooling and spills. Additionally, this bib looks super cute!

Easy to close

The bib easily closes with a snap button at the back, making it quick and convenient to use.


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Moalie Bib White Lace
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